What if your life was like a movie?

Do you ever feel like you’re living in a movie?  Sometimes I get that feeling.  The challenge I like to give myself is to figure out what kind of movie I’m in at the current moment, “Rom/Com”?, “Drama”?, “Horror”?, “thriller”? maybe a “Doc”? every day seems to be a new genre. Sometimes, I’m a block buster with the big blast ending, most of the time I’m a quirky dramatic indy, with little to no resolution.

This past month, February, has definitely been the “horror” genre for me, not that anyone has been jumping out from behind a tree with a big knife in their hand threatening to do damage, but dealing with banks and failing tech seem to hold it’s own kind of horror.  January had a dose of drama in it which was quickly over taken by February’s change of movie.

I’m hoping that March is a “talking heads” realization movie, where 2 or more people explore the environment they’re in and make discoveries of gigantic proportion that moves their life into a different plot point.  Lots of montage scenes of discovery. I actually don’t want this but I can’t handle anymore “drama” or “horror” and “rom/com” is out of the question for awhile so I’m going with a safe choice.  Or maybe a “thriller”, that could be  great, tearing down the streets in peril finding excitement at every corner, hummm, perhaps, a bit of a rest is in order after the “horror” of February.

I could throw in a “doc” about something, make it more realistic, “how to find a job that gives you meaning and money to pay the bills (not to mention benefits)” do you think the title is to wordy?  That would be a good choice for March.  I think I’ve had enough “black humor” to last me for awhile.

There is a belief that you can write your own “script” for life.  I like thinking about my life as a movie, maybe because I’m in the industry that it’s the way my brain works or it’s just that I’ve seen so many that I’m used to thinking this way for whatever reason, it works for me.  It would be great for a hero to swoop in and save the day, they could karate chop all the”bad guys” in my life, build impossible things out of 2 pipe cleaners, a frying pan, a stick of gum and the house hold items under my sink, and still have time to look soulfully into my eyes.

What I would like is for a conclusion and happy solution of my life at the moment, in 90 minutes, 5 reels, then I’m done, case closed everything solved.  Wouldn’t you love that sometimes?  I always wonder what the “characters” do between the moments we see, are they just hanging around for the next scene? what if there are months between scenes? we’re to believe that they just live their lives until we see the next plot point that pushes it forward towards the conclusion. What motivates them to move to the next moment in the film?

I guess it’s just a collection of montage scenes that end up on the cutting room floor…sometimes that’s exactly what I’d like to have happen with parts of my life.  I was always the one who wanted to know what happened at the end of the fairy tale…when you say “happily ever after” who did the dishes? did they ever fight? did they go on picnics? what exactly is “happily ever after”?  This gives into the assumption that the “characters” are real and not just on the reel, I am an only child, if the movie engaged me, I spent lots of time imagining beyond the ending.

I think this weekend after I get my chores done, marking, cover letters, resumes and business proposals organized I might just write out a script for the next year for myself.  I think I’ll make it a “rom/com/drama” with lots of humor and a dash of “thriller” see where it gets me and I’ll want to put in lots of good music, to make a soundtrack for my “movie”.  I’ll  throw a little “doc” in, realism goes a long way in any script.  A montage walk, probably by the ocean, will brush the cobwebs out of my mind and then I can just get on with the rewrites.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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