The dawn of a new email….

I realize I haven’t posted in a few days, I’m still dealing with technology issues.  This time it’s not the tech turning on me it’s me turning on it, I’m changing my email address.  Since I moved here to Halifax I’ve managed to keep my email that I’ve had for so many years, it actually feels like a part of me it’s so embedded in my reflex actions. My fingers move on their own accord typing in the address and passwords.   However, my Ex is selling his loft and with it goes the rogers account I’ve had for so many years.

When he bought the loft, while we were sorting out the demise of our 19 1/2 year relationship, the rogers wi-fi was part of his condo fees, and since I am on his account as a “child” account I was able to keep it.  Alas, this too has come to an end.

If truth be told I had thought when I moved here I should have my “own” account, that had nothing to do with him, but a) I was lazy and b) I really like the horoscopes that are on the rogers home page. I realize not the best of reasons to keep the attachment but there was so many changes that happened it seemed that at least one thing could be constant.

Those days are over and now the change must begin.  I had NO idea how many things I have delivered to my email address that now have to be changed, it’s crazy from banks to yoga to my library cards (oh that reminds me I have to change my PEI card as well!) to blogs I read.  I’m hoping to be completely changed over by the end of the month, hopefully before.

When I tried to transfer all my emails over to the new account, it thought I was spamming, so I had to do it letter by letter manually, what a pain, at least I was able to clean up my contacts list, and now I can clean up the stuff that is delivered to my box every day, it’s a little liberating as well as being overwhelming.

It is truly amazing how much we rely on email, and how incredible that not only when you move do you have to do the physical changes of address to your mail and licence but now also the electronic changes.  I thought tech was supposed to make this easier on us?

I must get back to it, these changes aren’t going to happen on their own, irony in that somewhere, it’s the dawn of a new email.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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2 Responses to The dawn of a new email….

  1. oreneta says:

    Sometimes these stupid little things turn into such headaches! Though it is nice to have a good clearing out, isn’t it!

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