The Tooth Faerie

I’ve been on a tangent this morning, white tornado-ing my house.  Everything has been vacuumed, washed, there’s even bread baking in  my kitchen, I have lavender oil in the diffuser and a beautiful candle burning in my living room.  Spring is here and spring cleaning is in the air.

Yesterday, I had to go to the dentist, an emergency appointment, a large hole or break had appeared in one of my back molars.  Turns out it was a filling that had cracked and developed a cavity and it just took out the tooth.  I’ve been pretty down lately and my ear has been sore and it looks like this was the cause.  The dentist was amazing, cleaning out the old crap from my tooth (which was hard considering it’s the one in the very back on the top of my mouth) and putting in a temp filling.  Because of financial considerations and no insurance, this lovely dentist is going to try to get me into the Dal Dental school to see if I need a root canal or an extraction.

Both upset me, I have very good teeth and even he was surprised that this had happened to me actually questioning me on how this had occurred because of how good my teeth are.  But, I love that he’s going to help me and send me to the dental school which is far more cost effective than him doing the work.  Wouldn’t happen in TO let me tell you.

But what this started was me feeling a TON better and more positive.  I determined that I would spend the morning cleaning up my apartment which sorely needed it and just making my environment a nicer place to be in. I think the bad tooth was making me feel worse than I realized, bringing me down in spirit and in health.

I love spring, it’s the time of new beginnings, it’s when my birthday is (exactly a month from today) and its when I get to think seriously about going back to my cottage. I’m so glad that this dentist was able to help me, he certainly gave me back more than just a pain free tooth, he gave me back a positive outlook that I hadn’t realized that I had lost to that degree.   The Tooth Faerie exists – who knew?

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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2 Responses to The Tooth Faerie

  1. oreneta says:

    YEAH for dentists! They don’t get their praises sung very often……

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