Teaching….not for the faint of heart..

Student evaluations came out this week.  I have to say I am shocked at what I read on them .  For the most part the students quite like me and the relaxed way that I teach but there seems to be one student in every class that needs to make a point.  The evaluations are “anonymous” or so the student’s think.  The school can always it trace back.

There is a complete disconnect in this day and age from what you “hear and say” and what you “see and write” I think people forget that once something is on the net that it stays here and that it can ALWAYS be tracked back to you as a person unless you are a hacker extraordinaire.  It seems to be a generational conception that you can put anything you want out there and no one will know.

Some “well meaning” student put on the evaluations something that shocked and made me quite upset.  I’m going to have a conversation with my manager about this because I think it needs to be addressed.  There always seems to be 1 student in every class that seems that they have to be “truthful” even when the truth isn’t actually the truth.

What I’m finding out is that teaching isn’t for the faint of heart and maybe students need to realize that teachers are human as well and can be hurt by off hand comments.  I’m not a teacher by trade, I was asked to do this because I am a professional in my field and the students are supposed to have “real life” teachers.  Maybe if I had gone to teaching school this would have been easier for me but I tend to take what the students say to me personally.

I think it just might be time to move on, I’ve been looking for a full time job and I now I know I need to step up my game, it’s been too long with teaching, it’s had a good run but it’s time now to get out and move on to greener more appropriate pastures.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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2 Responses to Teaching….not for the faint of heart..

  1. hobbyjunkies says:

    xox Young people can be such asses.

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