Decorating as a meditation….

Friends have asked me to help with the re-decorating of their house.  They want to be in a position to sell in a few years and felt that their place needed an update, and lets face it I need the extra income so it’s a good situation for all of us.

Before Christmas I did the living room, it turned out beautifully if I do say so myself (no pictures as I haven’t asked permission to post them) it is a north facing room and in NS that is actually grayer than in TO so the original decor was a little cold and dark.

They lean to greens, earthy tones and spring colours, both being from the agricultural world.  We choose a very creamy white for the walls (Windham Cream Benjamin Moore HC-6 in eggshell, almost yellow) the ceiling we did in a colour instead of the usual white, in Celadon green (BM 2028-60) and the trim in Cloud White (my favorite BM cc-40).  I stripped and stained the floors using a minwax stain in slightly darker colour (who’s name escapes me right now).  The whole effect was complimented with new panel curtains, custom made, their furniture painted to match the trim, anaglyptia paper put into the blank space on the “fake” fire place and vintage table lamps.  A chandelier and medallion replaced an ’80’s “boob” light (I’m not a fan of those lights) and a large mat silver mirror hung over the mantle.   The only thing still left to do is re-upholstering the furniture and finding a carpet for the middle of the room.

Now I’m back to do the hall.  The floor has been stripped and prepped and is ready for me to stain the same colour as the living room.  The stairs to the second floor have been primed of their burgundy colour and await their new hue.  This house was built in the mid 1800’s and has amazing baseboards about, 8″ thick and trim (all plaster) in the public areas and as soon as you step into what would have been the “private” family area there is little to no adornment.  It took me about 3 hours to strip, and prep the floor and about 5 to prime out all the trim (all those spindles on the staircase!).

The hall will echo the living room and the existing colour in their kitchen, the walls and some of the ceiling will be the beautiful Celedon Green and the trim and the rest of the ceiling will be Cloud white. The treads on the stairs will be Willow (BM, CC-542) which another friend has in her home, where it is so stunning I stole it for this project.  This combination will lighten up their hall way and make their home more current.

I have to “kick” the homeowner out of the home for a few days since the hallway and stairs are the only way to the second floor and their lovely dog (Miss Scout) is loosing her winter coat … ALL OVER THE PLACE and it would end up as a permanent part of the floor and stairs.

I really enjoy this kind of work, although I have to admit I am sore from using muscles that my body isn’t used to using.  I find that this is very cathartic, this time I didn’t have music going (I usually do) although my friend had the radio on for part of the day and it was very nice jazz music I could just get lost in. Gave me lots of time to plan and think about my future.

I love the ideas that go through my head when I’m doing this kind of work, from a great idea about what colour would work where to what I’m going to do about getting a full time job to where I want to hike next weekend.  My thoughts run the gambit, like meditation, they cross my mind and leave, just like they are supposed to do while your meditating. The paint brush just keeps sweeping back and forth in rhythm with my thoughts and before I know it, the job is done.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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9 Responses to Decorating as a meditation….

  1. launchings5 says:

    And your passage will bless that home with your creativity to let it become something unique!
    I hope Scout won’t be lost!

  2. launchings5 says:

    ah, now isn’t that just your talent….to make all fit in!

  3. oreneta says:

    Your mother’s daughter, you are.

  4. hobbyjunkies says:

    awe. What a lovely post! This sound FABulous! If they let you post pics I’d looove to see. It sounds like you know what you’re talkin’ about. I felt relaxed and meditative when reading this, I can only imagine what beautiful impact this process has on you. Dare I say, perfect for right now?

    Have you seen this website: Design Sponge? It is SO excellent it makes me want to quit my job and be a professional refurbisher (people pay for that stuff!). Though I’m much too lazy to do any of the work you’ve been doing 😉


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