YUCKY ENERGY time to go away!

I was told that January to the end of March was going to have “yucky” energy for me…boy has this ever been true! I seem to have run the gambit these past 3 months, from crap at school, to my love life and finances…the finances have actually been the worst, aren’t they always?  Actually, if I had time to take a breath and think about the other things that have gone haywire these past few months I think they’ve been pretty bad as well, but the finance thing has been the most persistent so it gets the top vote.

I was really hoping that I had turned a corner last friday, I have figured out a way to alleviate a bit of the stress in my life, but apparently I didn’t do it quickly enough and there was just one more nasty surprise waiting for me.

I know things are getting better, I know that spring is around the corner and that these things happen in cycles and that you are all sick of hearing me complain about this (I know this because I’m sick of dealing with it).

But if we didn’t have the crappy things in life how would we know the good things? And in the grand scheme of life the things that are going on with me are just bumps in the road, (larger than usual bumps but still just bumps), and they will resolve themselves and get better.  They’re not even really bad, just frustrating to deal with and solve.  There are people out there, some are friends, who are going through worse things than I.

In retrospect I’m not doing to badly, I have a roof over my head, food in my fridge, a few part time jobs, friends and family who love me and of course, my girls who are the light of my life (yes, I know they’re cats).

But I would really like this “yucky” energy to go away, it’s time….I’ve had enough!  Spring is in the air and it’s time for new beginnings and I for one am looking forward to them!

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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