Ipods…do they have ESP?

Sometimes I think that my ipod has a sense of humor or esp or both.  I’m one of those people who can listen to the same play list over and over again because I’m usually doing something else so the music just flows into my subconscious and keeps my brain busy.  My current favorite playlist has over 5 hours of music on it, and over 75 songs.  I keep it on shuffle, getting a new mix every time.

I find that if I’m in a “mood” that all of the songs that come on suit that mood…it could be a catch 22 where maybe I’m in that mood because the music has put me there – Matrix moment! Sometimes when I’m thinking of a certain person or place a song comes on that is one that I think of as “their” song – yes I have “songs” for most of you that when I hear it, I think of you.

I know that itunes and my ipod have a feature called “genius” mix where you can choose a song and it will develop a play list based on this song out of the music in your library.  This play list is only formed of like songs, all country, all pop, all jazz you get the idea.  But my regular playlist is everything I have jazz, country, pop, guitar only, all sorts of genres.

Right now I’m in a very melancholy mood, it’s a grey day out and I’m busy marking essays for school (yuck) and trying to get all the marks in for the end of semester.  I’m struggling with my heart and finances and just life in general, all the music that is coming on is reflective of that mood – soft, sometimes single singers and a guitar, beautiful haunting melodies that remind me of old smoky rooms filled with clinking glasses and heartbreak.

Some would say to change the music but that’s not the answer since I wouldn’t be able to work with something “poppy” on, although, I used to create budgets to Prisms “Armageddon” it always seemed appropriate.  My soul seems to need this lonely music right now, doing this singular work on this grey day even the girls seem to feel this and have dug them selves under blankets or in corners to sleep this day off.

I still feel that the Ipod is reading my emotions some how and playing to them.  Also, sometimes I think it teases me and drops in a funny song to make me laugh at the irony. I realize how nutty this must sound but have you ever though of a song and then heard it played some place?  It can’t be any nuttier than that can it?

Right now? “Dreamsville” sung by Stacey Kent, beautiful and haunting…..exactly where I’d love to be right now…check it out if you have time….http://www.youtube.com/results?search_query=dreamsville+stacey+kent&oq=dreamsville+st&gs_l=youtube.…0.0…1ac.1.0rqPclHykqI

I have no idea if this is true, about my ipod but sometimes it really feels that way.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast (Dreamsville),


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