The new Easter norm….

I’ve had a busy few days and have been remiss in my duties to blogging.  The long weekend was lovely.  I went on a few hikes, took pictures – I’ll post them later on.  Spent the weekend with wonderful friends and now I’m back painting so no access to my pictures at the moment.

Hikes, let’s see, Good Friday it was Laurie Lake Provincial park with my friends and their kids.  Beautiful paved paths (to which one of my friends had a 20 minute rant because now you can’t find private, primitive camp sight anymore) that weave through a lovely forest.  A very cold windy lake, that looks like it has great swimming in the summer.  We walked for an hour, talked, laughed, watched the kids do fun things on their bikes and scooters, stopped for ice cream on the way home.  It was lovely.

Saturday’s hike was 3 minutes from my apartment, Long Lake.  A large lake right in the middle of  the city, with acres of forests and paths weaving through.  This time the dog, Arrow, came with us (again, I have pictures that I’ll post) and we spent a good 40 minutes throwing the ball into the lake for her, then a good 15 minutes trying to get one of the balls out from under a rock.

Sunday, I took myself to Crystal Crescent Beach, it was 9 degrees, the sun was shinning and warm so I packed some snacks (not enough) and drove the 25 minutes to this lovely white sand beach.  There is a boardwalk path that spans the entire 3 beaches and leads onto a path that continues over the rocks and through more forest.  This is probably the only time of year where you can walk to the 3rd beach and not be “mooned” by the sunbathers.  This beach is the clothing optional beach. There were lots of people on the beaches and boardwalks, walking their dogs and their Easter dinners off.  I sat on the rocks at the far end of the beach ate my snacks and watched the waves crash against them. Then there was dinner and a movie at friends, 1st BBQ of the season.  Monday was recovery time while it rained and the whole city became quiet and cloaked in fog.

It was a wonderful weekend, not what I’m used to at Easter, usually it’s spent dashing from one family to another (if Orthodox Easter happens to be on the same day).  I’m learning this is becoming my typical Nova Scotia Easter tradition, hiking spending time with friends and just enjoying the long weekend.  Much more relaxing than the old Easter tradition, although I have to admit I did miss my family. This was, however, an excellent replacement and a wonderful new tradition.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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