Birthday playlist

My birthday is in 2 days (saturday).  I don’t usually “brag” about it and it’s not a “significant” one except that it’s mine.  However, a few weeks ago a friend of mine posted on her facebook status the day before her birthday, for everyone who would be giving her birthday greetings could they please include a song, old, new, something that reminded them of a special time with her or just in their life, this way she could assemble a playlist from her friends.

I have to admit, I wish I had thought of this, so I’m stealing the idea.  What a wonderful birthday gift, to have a playlist made for you from your friends and family? I know not everyone reads my blog so I’ll be posting this on f/b as well.  I hope to get a good playlist what a fun tradition this can become.  Not to mention a very interesting way to find out what music people like.

So you are welcome to leave a song for me here, if you are friends with me on f/b you can leave it there or even just drop me an email, however you would like, I really hope you’ll participate I can’t think of anything better!

I’ll post the list (and maybe some links) next week so you can see what was sent to me. Soon to be another year older….

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


PS I posted Jason Mraz “Who needs Shelter” to my friend for her birthday.

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5 Responses to Birthday playlist

  1. grace mota says:

    Samantha, what a great idea! Since our birthdays are only 6 days apart, I could never forget yours. Sending you a song that we would have shared doesn’t really apply to us. I don’t think! We met during a very difficult time in our lives (looking after a parent) but we immediately clicked due to our lives similarities. We have shared enough heartache!! Its definitely time for a song but I’m going to have to think about this one! Gee I’m not even your student and yet you’ve given me homework. Lol.

  2. Black Eyed Peas: I got a feeling…..It is my theme song for retirement but I’d be happy to share!

  3. oreneta says:

    you going to publish the list????

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