quiet friday night

It’s a foggy night here, it’s rolling in thick and wet.   I just came in from my balcony where the mist is so heavy it’s almost raining.  I’ve had an exhausting day, 3 classes, in a row, always tiring, it’s performing for 9 hours.  I have one of my new artists from the birthday playlist playing in the background, glass of wine (or 2) and it’s almost time for bed. It’s been a week of ups and downs but I think that I’m finally on the upswing for the year.

Tomorrow morning, my friend and I are hitting the sales, the Church sales.  I know that these happen all over the country but I’ve never really taken the time to go them while I lived in Toronto but out here they are the only answer to “antique / vintage markets”.  We have 2 to hit, one at 8am and then one at 9am.  Lots of stuff to check out and buy for a great price.  Last sale I bought a new hair dryer for $5, since mine had just died it seemed like a great deal.  The last bastion of cheap potentially vintage stuff the church sale seems to be the big thing a place where 20 bucks can get you curtains, a hairdryer, painting of the ocean and a few other goodies.  I don’t have a ton of money to spend, but $20 is a good investment if you can get things you actually need.

I’m having a very melancholy night, the fog is bringing back memories that I’d rather let go of, the wine doesn’t help and I really should go to bed and sleep, the sales start early. But here I am sitting on my couch listening and dreaming about things that could be….well this has been a week of amazing things so maybe, just maybe some of the other dreams will start coming true as well.

Dreaming Big from the East Coast,


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