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Decorating as a meditation….

Friends have asked me to help with the re-decorating of their house.  They want to be in a position to sell in a few years and felt that their place needed an update, and lets face it I need the … Continue reading

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How did it go?

I had an interview yesterday.  Everyone keeps asking me how it went.  I wasn’t hired on the spot, she told me to follow up with her in a few weeks, that she has lots of work and needs people with … Continue reading

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Spring Cleaning time has arrived!

Today feels like the start of something new, like that first day of school, when you have all your new notebooks, pens and pencils.  All that potential just waiting to fill those books.  I have to do some serious sorting … Continue reading

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Perfect Day complete with dogs…..

Saturday was one of those perfect days, that while your driving home from the great things that have happened you realize how wonderful your life actually is. Like I mentioned the other day, my life is actually becoming a “life” … Continue reading

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Pottery class…..

Monday night I started pottery class.  Not something I would normally do but I’ve had some folks bullying me about getting involved in things that are outside my comfort zone. Apparently, I haven’t had enough change in my life in the … Continue reading

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Stuff…..WAY to much stuff!!

It’s 1:30 am, I’ve just woken up from a deep sleep, do you know why? Because I’m worried about the “stuff” that the moving van will be picking up on friday and wether or not I’ll be ready with all … Continue reading

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The Old Table

New lease on life Blue Table Last night my friend Patty, my husband and I were sitting on a patio in Little Italy having a drink.  Its been stinkin’ hot here in TO for the past few days and it doesn’t … Continue reading

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