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Lovely start to the long weekend

I’m sitting outside on my deck drinking my 1st cup of tea of the day.  There’s still ice on Chocolate Lake (appropriately named for this weekend) and small piles of snow dotting the sides of the road.  There are no leaves … Continue reading

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Tea, the Goddess and me.

The past month has been a little difficult for me, as you probably noticed, I’m not going to sugar coat it, it’s been awful! The next few months will get better they have to, spring is in the air, the … Continue reading

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Girls day out

I should have taken pictures but the advice that we get from the guides is to not take anything that can’t withstand a dump in the water for “just in case” purposes, but the day was beautiful and the 5 … Continue reading

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Father’s day….good bye to Norman

Yes I’m breaking my own declaration of trying to break my electronic habit, in my defense I did say ‘try’.  I felt I should write something little in memory of my former father in law, Norman.  He passed away last … Continue reading

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5 years….where has the time gone?

This is a very fuzzy picture of my mom at our cottage before I was born.  I’ve posted this picture before for some reason it’s the only one I have in my computer at the moment.  I have a ton … Continue reading

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Whirlwind weekend

Saturday morning they arrived.  The NEIGHBOURS.  Here to open their cottage (this would be the GG and some of his family).  Like a wind they blew in and blew out fast – if it wasn’t for the fact that there … Continue reading

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Mod-Cons at the cottage

I have internet once again. I’m not entirely sure this is a good thing to be so connected when I’m at the cottage it defeats the concept of what “cottage” means to me, however it allows me to work from … Continue reading

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