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Friendship and lilies

This weekend was a busy one.  I had company for the weekend.  I should tell  you that I’m not really good with company.  I love being with people but I really enjoy my time alone and need the space to … Continue reading

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trapped inside

I’ve been trapped inside for most of the day, nope scratch that ALL day.  Between the amount of school work I’m trying to complete and the fact that until 20 minutes ago it was grey and miserable out it seemed … Continue reading

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Looking forward…or TGIF

Heading home to the island later today, can’t wait!  It’s been a good week, trying to figure out my new routine.  Only having a few days here made me fine tune what is going to work and what isn’t for … Continue reading

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Cottage Time…..well almost….

I must be reading the temperature incorrectly, the app on my iTouch must be acting up, I could have sworn it said that 2 days this week will be 22! 22…..that’s summer weather! It’s still March right? I didn’t fall asleep and … Continue reading

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Garden Upkeep

Yesterday, I cleaned the front garden.  It took me 2 hours but it looks amazing.  The truth of the matter is that it’s probably the last time it will look this good, until next year.  I have perennial plants in it … Continue reading

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