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Post Valentines Day….

I am  a true romantic, I believe in the “soul mate” “true love” and the “one” concepts, always have. I believe you can’t help whom you fall in love with and that there is someone for everyone out there.   … Continue reading

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Girls day out

I should have taken pictures but the advice that we get from the guides is to not take anything that can’t withstand a dump in the water for “just in case” purposes, but the day was beautiful and the 5 … Continue reading

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Father’s day….good bye to Norman

Yes I’m breaking my own declaration of trying to break my electronic habit, in my defense I did say ‘try’.  I felt I should write something little in memory of my former father in law, Norman.  He passed away last … Continue reading

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5 years….where has the time gone?

This is a very fuzzy picture of my mom at our cottage before I was born.  I’ve posted this picture before for some reason it’s the only one I have in my computer at the moment.  I have a ton … Continue reading

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At the beach

It’s sunday morning, I’m sitting on my deck with the sun in my eyes while I type this.  The bay is calm this morning the air is still cool (we had a chance of frost last night) Ella is singing … Continue reading

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Dreaming of home….

My moving guy came yesterday.  Dropped off some boxes and bins, we picked the date that they’ll come for the furniture…deja vu.  I’m going to be with out anything but my air mattress and the girls for one or 2 … Continue reading

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REPOST – Surreal Moments

I spent friday night and most of Saturday in Truro with my friends. Not exactly the most exciting place in NS but since they’re there it is always a wonderful visit. I get big hugs when I walk in and … Continue reading

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