Hikes – Prospect Bay

Prospect Bay Hike - all the way out to the point and back.

Prospect Bay Hike - Easter 2012

Prospect Bay Easter Hike April 6, 2012: 

Thought I’d add a hike page for extra pictures in addition of writing in my  regular blog.  Now that I know I can add in more than 1 picture this could be interesting!  Here are some additional pictures from that day.  Hope you enjoy them.  This is the long view – taken from the start of the trail.


This is the point that we walked to. The higher area on the left of the photo is where we sat to  look out into the ocean. The little bits of land you see to the right are in Prospect Bay and on the way to Peggy’s cove.

Prospect Bay Hike

Prospect Bay Hike April 6, '12 "The Far Point" - we sat here for a bit the wind was really blowing and the waves were crashing along the rocks - it was amazing.

Prospect Bay Hike

The Start -By the line of trees


These last 2 pictures were taken at the  1/2 way mark. One in each direction.






The line of trees in the top right hand corner is where we started – that’s Propspect Bay on your left and all the rocks below!

I always forget to take pictures.  I might have to buy a better camera to haul  around (or find the proper adapter cord for the one I have) the phone does an ok job but I really should have a better one to do it justice.


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