Frog Pond – The Dingle hike

Frog Pond Path

Frog Pond Path out from the woods

Above the boulders in the water you can see the path that I follow when I finally reach the top of the huge hill and wander my way through the forest.  It’s actually not as bad as I make it sound – especially after the “mountain” I walked yesterday (Easter hike 2012).

This picture below was taken from the middle rock in the picture above.  I braved the chance of cold water and creeped out on to the rock so you could see the beautiful pond.  It’s called Frog Pond but I have yet to see a frog.  I suppose they’re still hibernating at the bottom of the lake.  It has been weird weather here lately. Lots of ducks, not frogs…hummm maybe THAT’s why I haven’t seen any frogs!

Frog Pond

Frog Pond


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