Yoga pro/con list

The excercise was to write at 10 reasons what stops you from doing yoga @home  and 10 reasons to do it.  10 was just a number they picked we didn’t actually have to come up w/ 10. The point was to see which list had the most on it and how fast it took to write.

My con list was longer and took me about 2 mins to write! LOL!

Con list:

  1. feeling lazy
  2. not enough time to do a “full” practice
  3. No comfortable place to practice in
  4. no uncluttered place to practice in
  5. too much to do – no time
  6. not sure what to do on my own (DVD’s sometimes too long)
  7. not sure I want to be introspective

Pro List:

  1. makes me feel good about myself
  2. good excercise for body and mind
  3. makes me feel flexible and calm
  4. sometimes it’s the only reason to get out of the house (for studio practice not home)
  5. time for myself
  6. something to do with all my time to myself

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