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It’s a funny thing….

I woke up the morning…around 430 am and realized that it has been a VERY long time since I posted something on my blog my last post was the beginning of last August.  Apparently, I can’t be relied on to … Continue reading

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Long Weekend

Great way to start the long weekend! It’s foggy out again this morning I can’t even see the lake across the street but it’s Friday, which means the run for the ferry.  Today, my class is going to see “Batman” … Continue reading

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Jelly fish Hari-Kari

I’ve learned something about myself over the past few days, I don’t like having internet access at the cottage lately.  It’s costing me way to much so I’m nervous about using it, and for some reason it just feels like … Continue reading

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Perfect, comes to mind….

I didn’t mean to take a break from blogging, it sort of just happened.   Last week was uneventful, I taught for three days and nothing exciting or out of the ordinary happened.  But then I decided to go to … Continue reading

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Back from break

Back from my break and I have a lot to share, highlights only I promise.   The past few weeks I’ve been trying to take a break from technology, it hasn’t worked out as well as I thought it would … Continue reading

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5 years….where has the time gone?

This is a very fuzzy picture of my mom at our cottage before I was born.  I’ve posted this picture before for some reason it’s the only one I have in my computer at the moment.  I have a ton … Continue reading

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along came monday…..

I admit it, I’ve spent the entire day outside sitting in the sun.  I was working but it somehow doesn’t seem like work when there is sunshine and the ocean.  It still has that edge of cool here, I was … Continue reading

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