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The List

Last blog I mentioned that my birthday was approaching,  it has now passed me by, I’m another year older, not sure if I’m wiser, I’ve lost a little weight, no grey yet and I’m sure I’ve spotted a few wrinkles.  My … Continue reading

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The new Easter norm….

I’ve had a busy few days and have been remiss in my duties to blogging.  The long weekend was lovely.  I went on a few hikes, took pictures – I’ll post them later on.  Spent the weekend with wonderful friends … Continue reading

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another slow quiet Sunday

Sunday wasn’t very exciting, it started out like every day this week did, hot, but by the end of the day had cooled off quite a bit.  The girls haven’t really been moving around the apartment since they’ve been here, … Continue reading

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Sailing….takes me away…….

On fridays I only have 1 class.  It’s great because it’s only 1 class, but it’s also kind of sucky since it’s right in the middle of the day 1215-315pm.  Yesterday was the 1st day with a whole load of … Continue reading

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The crazy power of pinning……

I have become a “pinterest” junky.  (Thanks Em!).  It’s this new virtual visual board where you can “pin” images, sayings, books, movies that you like to boards and it automatically shares these with other people you are following and  people … Continue reading

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INK Drinks…..

Last night I dragged myself out of my apartment to go for drinks.  I was supposed to do 2 different drink nights but because 1 started a little earlier I thought I’d start there hit the other place on my … Continue reading

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The Party’s Over

This is the title of a Judy Haliday song that my mom had asked me to learn years ago but it seemed appropriate for today as well. I had a wonderful birthday yesterday, thanks to everyone who sent me good wishes for … Continue reading

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