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for the birds…..

I’m here, back in the other world and it’s 530am, yuck!  The traffic  has picked upon the Bedford highway, I’m going to get up soon and get ready for school but I thought I’d do a quick post. The ferry … Continue reading

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It has been a crazy week and I haven’t had a spare moment to write a post.  The next two weeks at school are extremely busy.  Five of my classes are 7 week classes and are all ending this week … Continue reading

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Will you try this with us?

I screened the “flaky” movie again yesterday, I enjoy it.  Although, I seriously think it needs about 45 minutes cut out.   The movie is called “Being in Heaven” and it’s a “positive thinking, secret” type of film, based on … Continue reading

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The inner workings of my brain…the scary version

Do you ever find yourself in the position where you have two tasks that are equally important and have the same level of priority but because 1 task is slightly more familiar you procrastinate on the 2nd one? It’s exactly the position … Continue reading

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The dreaded monday list….

Not a lot of new things to tell you about.  Monday was one of those days that you think is going to be a puff day and turns out to be a cross between a really horrible and wonderful one. … Continue reading

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