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Some of you may know that I’m a classically trained singer and that I used to sing when I was younger, weddings, festivals and a few competitions – As a matter of fact, for some reading this, I sang for … Continue reading

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The Company House

I’ve been complaining a lot lately that I have very few friends here in my new city.  I started working at the market for a few reasons, a) to have someplace to go with a purpose at least once a … Continue reading

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The summer my voice came back

When I was a teenager I took singing lessons.  I may have mentioned Mrs. Devereux before, she was the proper piano / singing teacher, in Aurora where I grew up.  You had to audition for her, and pass, before she would even consider taking … Continue reading

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Back to the Cottage

It’s back to the cottage for me, I can’t handle TO! Actually, I’m going to do some work and to close it down for the season.  Since it’s quiet there and here I decided that I could take some extra … Continue reading

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