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Lovely start to the long weekend

I’m sitting outside on my deck drinking my 1st cup of tea of the day.  There’s still ice on Chocolate Lake (appropriately named for this weekend) and small piles of snow dotting the sides of the road.  There are no leaves … Continue reading

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YUCKY ENERGY time to go away!

I was told that January to the end of March was going to have “yucky” energy for me…boy has this ever been true! I seem to have run the gambit these past 3 months, from crap at school, to my … Continue reading

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The Tooth Faerie

I’ve been on a tangent this morning, white tornado-ing my house.  Everything has been vacuumed, washed, there’s even bread baking in  my kitchen, I have lavender oil in the diffuser and a beautiful candle burning in my living room.  Spring is … Continue reading

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The 1st day of spring, it’s finally here! It’s the spring equinox, this means that the sun is shining directly on the equator,  this makes the days and nights nearly equal in all parts of the world ( I looked it … Continue reading

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