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A Promise Kept

When I first moved to Halifax I was right downtown in an expensive but beautiful condo. When my lease was up I decided to move, the place I had been renting was lovely, however it faced an inside courtyard and north so … Continue reading

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It’s a funny thing….

I woke up the morning…around 430 am and realized that it has been a VERY long time since I posted something on my blog my last post was the beginning of last August.  Apparently, I can’t be relied on to … Continue reading

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1 step forward, 2 steps back…

I’m in my living room watching the sun rise in a beautiful sky…it’s been raining all night and the cars going by on the road are making that wet tire sucking sound.  The girls are sitting around me, I’m not … Continue reading

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Back from break

Back from my break and I have a lot to share, highlights only I promise.   The past few weeks I’ve been trying to take a break from technology, it hasn’t worked out as well as I thought it would … Continue reading

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Lazy sunday morning, Mothers Day.

It’s sunday, and Mothers Day in North America.  Happy Mothers Day to all Moms! It is an absolutely beautiful today, the sun is shinning, the wind coming off the bay is warm(ish) and the birds are all out singing and … Continue reading

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At the Cottage….

At the cottage! It’s wonderful….beautiful sunny day today (it SNOWED yesterday!!) I’m sitting in McDonalds with my friend we’re here for the breakfast and the free wi-fi since our cottages aren’t hooked up yet. This will be a brief post … Continue reading

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Short Post

This is when the post get a little shorter and far less profound.  Yesterday was the second 9 hour teaching day, grueling.  I was lucky enough to be invited to a friends place for dinner (she made Indian) which was … Continue reading

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