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Locked & loaded!

I’m packed, the apartment is clean, the girls have been admonished to behave themselves, I guess this is it.  10 days of life outside of Halifax. It’s off to Montreal, and a full day of activities and Oscars in the … Continue reading

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The Cottage….AT LAST!

We arrived at the cottage late Saturday night all of us exhausted, well, all of us except for Prairie, who slept the whole way.  Tabitha, of course, spent her time whining at us and at some point, early on decided … Continue reading

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Cats to the cottage

A  lot of people are always surprised that we take our cats with us to our cottage.  They ask us how do we get them there? and how well do they travel?  So I thought since we’re leaving for the cottage tomorrow night, … Continue reading

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Do you get wanderlust? I do.  Some days it’s so bad that it’s all I can do not to drive myself to the airport and take the 1st plane outta here!   I guess it’s a form of running away, however, … Continue reading

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Dreams….foundations of reality

You might have read in a few posts that I have a vision board.  I have 2 actually.  My friend Emma calls them “collages” which I suppose they are, but to me and a few other friends they are the … Continue reading

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